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Structure of Bungalow Craftsman

Bungalow craftsman drew local materials and built to local conditions. Houses could be built over a creek or basement with a rock or cement block. Foundations can face stone, brick, concrete block or stucco. Sideways can be made of wood, brick or plaster. Window and door framing presented broad, smooth wood. Rafter ends and braces or brackets, common wood affairs, often had simple jog or boxed ends as their only decoration.

Amazing Bungalow Craftsman

Amazing Bungalow Craftsman


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The low rectilinear shape of a bungalow craftsman building was emphasized by shallow sloping ceilings. The building seemed to hug the ground with porch and pergola columns that tapered wide towards their bases. Foundations flared at the ground in a form called “abuse”. Windows, known as lamps, often three-or four-over-one-sharp, can also be built with cross beams. Doors were common, solid wood, often pierced by vertical rectangular lamps. Windows arranged in rows of three or more windows on opposite sides of a house provides improved ventilation in hot weather.


Craftsman roof dominated the structure. Simple bungalow craftsman side panels can contain an odd number of arches or transom windows that could be opened in warm weather to wind out on the wind. Multi-gaveled or rolled ceilings are often kept roof tops of the upstairs room. Low, almost flat roof bodywork wall walls with several meters, provides shade on summer days for the whole house.

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