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November 30, 2018 Design

Good Building American Bungalow

A type of habitable construction that had great popularity in the United States in the last century. The american bungalow house is a structure of one and a half floors, and the purpose of the half floor is to act as a storage place. It also serves as a room for children, or a guest room, according to the needs of the owner. The bungalow house originated in India, and the type of building in question was a common dwelling built for the working class.

American Bungalow Colors

American Bungalow Colors

The american bungalow usually have a covered front porch or a terrace that faces the outdoors. Historically, bungalows were simple, inexpensive structures with thatched roofs. Currently these homes use good quality building materials, but they imitate traditional designs. The bungalow houses can be designed to have the largest housing space. The advantages of a large bungalow include greater privacy, thanks to the trees and bushes placed correctly to obstruct the view from the outside, and the terrace or outdoor porch that increases the living space on hot days.

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If you have children, then it is advisable to allocate half the floor for your children’s bedroom, remaining the rest of the living spaces on the main floor. Most modern american bungalow versions usually have little space too. The half floor built as a loft is preferred by the people. Please leave your opinion in writing at the bottom. Add this home architecture website to your Favorites list.

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